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The Grey Dog Trust

Our Mission

To prevent children and young people from becoming socially excluded due to mental ill health or emotional distress and to relieve the needs of those children and young people with mental ill health or emotional distress and assist them to integrate into society.

Our Goals

Remove the stigma attached to mental health  

Make conversation about mental illness normal, supportive and therapeutic.  

Promote social inclusion rather than feelings of isolation for young people with mental illness or emotional distress.

Our Work

The first part of our strategy is to put on an annual music festival. The festival  incorporates music. workshops and mental health charities/providers information stands.

 Starting mid 2019 the charity will be providing Mental Health First Aider Training free of charge to schools and youth groups.

Who Are We


We are a charity dedicated to changing the conversation about mental health for young people and children.

We believe that by making the conversation about mental illness as normal as talking about physical illness you can remove the stigma that causes people to feel isolated.

There is an undeniable crisis in children's and young people's mental health. The number of young people and children seeking help with mental health is increasing. However, the help for those that have the courage to reach out is increasingly hard to find.

The Grey Dog Trust aims to be at the forefront of driving forward practical change.

Using music as a method of opening up the conversation our annual music festival demonstrates that it is okay to talk about mental illness. Our songwriting workshops for schools and youth groups will encourage children and young people to talk about anxiety, depression and other mental health issues.

With the support of MHFA(England) we offer Mental Health First Aider Training to schools and youth groups free of charge. If you want to know more please get in touch.

You can support our work by sponsoring one of our volunteer's doing a 418 foot extreme abseil.

On the 18th of May we have 8 brave volunteers doing an extreme abseil.  They will be descending 418ft down the outside of the Express Lifts Tower in Northampton to help raise money to help fund free Mental Health First Aid training for schools.

If you want to support them you can by clicking the donate button below.


Contact Us

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We are looking for people who want to play an active role in changing the conversation about mental health.  We would also love to hear about how music helps  you with your own mental health.

The Grey Dog Trust