Putting Young People’s Mental Health Centre Stage

Who Are We


The Grey Dog is a charity working to change the conversation about mental health for young people.

We believe that talking about mental health should be as normal as talking about physical health.

Empowering young people and those who live and work with them to talk openly about mental health.

By raising awareness, providing training, and campaigning for change.

Our Aim


To create a society where no one is made to feel  ashamed or embarrassed to talk about their mental health.   

Where there is equality in provision for mental ill health as there is for physical ill health.

Where emphasis is placed on the need for good mental health  in the same way it is for physical health.

Our Goals


Remove the stigma attached to mental health.  

Make conversation about mental health normal, supportive and therapeutic.  

Promote social inclusion rather than feelings of isolation for young people with mental ill health or emotional distress.

Our Work


Providing mental health training  for young people, teachers, youth workers and parents.

Providing awareness workshops for schools and youth groups.

Run a free annual music festival to promote positive conversation about mental health amongst young people

(see footer for details of this years festival)

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