Our Mission Statement

To prevent children and young people from becoming socially excluded due to mental ill health or emotional distress and to relieve the needs of those children and young people with mental ill health or emotional distress and assist them to integrate into society.

Our Goal's

Remove the stigma attached to mental illness    

 Make conversation about mental illness normal, supportive and therapeutic.


Promote social inclusion rather than feelings of isolation for young people with mental illness or emotional distress.

The Grey Dog Trust was set up with the aim of tackling the stigma attached to mental illness amongst young people.  We want to change the conversation and  bring it out of the shadows.  It is our belief that talking about mental illness should be as natural as talking about physical illness.

Mental ill health can be distressing and make young people feel socially isolated.  We aim to use the medium of music to open up the conversation and do this in a way that encourages social inclusion.   Music is a universal language that nearly everyone can relate to and use to express how they feel.

Our Work

“Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent” Victor Hugo.

The first part of our strategy is an annual free entry music festival.  The festival incorporates a range of music and spoken work as well as childrens entertainers.

It  also includes workshops to sample therapeutic activities and self help strategies.   In addition  mental health charities and providers are invited to have stalls to demonstrate what services and support they provide.  

Each of the acts that perform are specifically selected not only for their musical ability but also for their willingness to talk openly to the audience about their own experience of living with mental illness or caring for someone with mental illness.

Our First festival took place on August 18th 2018. 

(please check the festival page for details)

We are currently working on the planning phase of a projects to provide  songwriting and spoken word workshops with a focus on mental health 

for schools, colleges, youth groups and universities. 

We will also be taking the opportunity to offer school assemblies.

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Want To Be Part Of The Grey Dog?

We are looking for people who want to play an active role in changing the conversation about mental health.   

We would also love to hear about how music helps with your mental health.